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Who We Are
About Us

EVōK Media is a design studio based in Toronto Canada; focusing on providing customized video campaigns as well as a variety of services for digital marketing, web, graphics, and social media industries. Our vision consists in applying a strategic approach when combining brand expression, technical functionality, and commercial strategy to media based projects. With a great deal of emphasis placed on aesthetically appealing usability.

We deliver innovative design and development solutions for local and international clientele. The services we provide are tailored to suit a variety of presentational, content and business communication goals.

Solve, Inform, Symbolize

By attracting clients through uniquely branded content and visual language, businesses and individuals can deliver their message in a compelling way.

In creating digital design solutions to meet your needs we integrate any combination of data, interactivity, graphics and media content to create dynamic websites and/or applications that engage users.

The result: consumers that are interested and receptive to your brand.

Market Strategy

We strive to communicate the vision of your brand to the most general or focused audience base through thoughtful and relevant campaigns.

We approach media design and development challenges, by applying innovative concepts and goal oriented strategies, while offering low production and maintenance costs and overall competitive advantages.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive services that will enable your business and/or consumer goals to succeed.