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Jungle Ecosystem

When we were approached about developing a projection mapped jungle environment we couldn’t pass it up. This project required balancing artistic vision with technical capability.

One of the challenges in mapping nearly 21 million video pixels onto 5400ft2 of wall area was how to effectively create a 3D perspective on a two dimensional surface, thereby giving the viewer the experience of standing in vast jungle eco-system.

The project began by building-out an immersive digital jungle environment for four 18ft high walls ranging from 60-80ft in length; while precisely mapping the video to the geometry of each wall and seamlessly blending 10 specialized projectors that collectively provided the projection power of over 5 large movie theatres.

The event narrative took its audience through an opening in a 12ft high waterfall into an area where they were surrounded by 270 degrees of living jungle. The video content included temple entrances mapped onto five existing venue doors, a dozen waterfalls, and wildlife that included tigers, elephants, monkeys and birds to name a few. With several cinematic instances of a lightning and thunder storm being presented.

Client: F0S Décor | Video Support: Freeman A/V Canada
Venue: Arlington Estate

Digital Video Content Production
Event Video Project Management
Projection Mapping, Special venue content, Concept development, Pre-visualization, Content development/production, Post/editing, Motion graphics/animation, VFX
Video Projection Mapping
Harnessing the projection power of over 5 large movie theatres
Video Production